Frequently Asked Questions

The quality of cutting on a gemstone can either make or break your investment. Good cutting uses critical angles, allowing the light to disperse evenly throughout the stone. Improper angles can leave you with a dead spot, or a fisheye, allowing light to escape out of the stone. It is important for all of the angles to meet, and for the edges to be sharp, and free of chips. A good polish is also important, because sratches can easily take away from a gemstones true brilliance.

At Ryan Joseph Gems, we only use the highest quality precision faceting equipment on the market. For flat faceting, we use the Ultratec V5 Classic Faceting Machine. For fantasy and concave cuts, we use the Ultratec V5 Fantasy machine.

We source our rough from all over the world. We are committed to sourcing fair trade rough from ethical sources. We try to source our rough directly from the mines, when possible. We work directly with the owner of the famous “Pau D’Arco Mine” in Brazil, allowing us to deliver you what most people would say is the worlds finest amethyst.

We believe that a gemstone is unique to each individual person. It is a reflection of who you are. With this in mind, we design and cut our stones with patience, precision, and care. We use critical angles to deliver you the most brilliance a stone has to offer. We offer custom shapes, sizes, and designs to meet your needs.

While we take pride in using untreated stones, some types are inevitably heated to add more brilliance. We offer cutting services using whatever type of material you prefer, and always list if a stone has been treated in any way.

Yes. If you would like a GIA certificate for your stone, we offer them to you at cost, which is usually around $70 to $160 per stone.


This varies on a case by case basis, but typically, it would take two weeks from the time we receive your stone to get it finished and sent back. If we are backed up on custom orders, it may take longer.