Custom Gem Cutting

Do you have an idea for a custom gemstone? Do you have a beautiful piece of gem rough you want turned into a piece of art? We offer custom cutting services to help bring your vision to life. Whether it is a specific size, shape, color, or mineral, we concave gemscan sculpt your stone into a completely unique and beautiful piece of art. We cut stones for pendants, rings, and many other customized pieces of jewelry, using top of the line equipment. We create custom designs and offer concave and fantasy cutting, carving, or flat faceting for any piece of material you can think of, except for diamond. We have a strong focus on using only top quality, flawless material, and try and source it locally whenever it is possible. If you do not have a piece of facet rough you want to use, that’s fine! We have access to any type of material you can think of, in the highest of qualities. We have DIRECT connections with the owner of the Pau D’arco Mine in Brazil for world class amethyst mined in the 80’s. We also have direct connections with the owner of the Urucum Mine in Brazil, for turning world class kunzite into unique gemstones. Our custom cutting services will help bring your vision to life.

How we create our gemstones


faceting machine

We use top of the line, Ultratec machines to cut our unique gemstones. For flat faceting, we use the Ultratec V5 classic machine. For Fantasy and Concave cutting, we use the Ultratec V5 Fantasy machine.


Critical Angles

gem8bWhen it comes to maximum potential for a stones brilliance, the angles in which it is cut is the most important thing. There are proper cutting angles for maximum light dispersion for every type of stone. We utilize these angles in our cutting to get the most life form your gemstone. Stones ordered over seas may be big, and cheap, but you also get what you pay for. Cutting a stone at improper angles to make it larger takes away from the brilliance, and often leaves you with a lifeless dead stone, where the light just goes right through it.